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Gee Women a year ago

Mama(s) Said: How Motherhood Has Shaped Our Pride Month

Happy Pride Month!

Pride for us is a way of life really, it's being proud of who we are, the family we've created, and the way that both Rachel and I were raised.

Today on the Gee Edit Blog, my wife Rachel and I are sharing how motherhood has continued to shape the way we celebrate and honor Pride.


My main goal as a mother is to make everyday the best for my kids, I constantly keep them active - I love keeping their minds engaged whether it’s with movement, puzzles, going to museums, doing arts and crafts. I love listening to music with them- together they actually help me discover so much new music that I use for my fitness classes! 

One thing I am extremely conscious of creating is a gender fluid environment where I make no generalized statements about gender roles. As a mother I encourage my daughter to play sports as much as I encourage my sons. I support my kids gravitating towards whatever interest them and make sure they are aware that colors have no gender for example pink is not for girls and blue is not for boys. I also am very conscious as a mother with a sports background to not separate kids into boy and girl teams - my kids are always encouraged to play and make friends with everyone. This type of encouragement feels very nourishing to me as a parent. 

I make a conscious decisions to tell them they can have a boyfriend or a girlfriend it is whatever makes them happy. ” - Rachel Robinson

For me personally, to be gay and to celebrate my love and my family is something I cherish so much. I am extremely fortunate to have grown up in an open environment with a mother who has gay friends & drag queens in the '80s and '90s energy of NYC and Miami. I do not take this for granted that I saw such beautiful examples of love and pride at a very young age. 

My hope and dream is that my children will grow up in environments and schools that support inclusion and love. That they will create their own happiness and that everyone can have the strength to create a positive life for themselves. And that they embrace the power of their voice & always use it. 

When Natalie and I decided to become parents and start a family, we both understood our role within our communities and knew that becoming gay parents together would only strengthen our connection and create incredible influence. We take this on with immense pride.” - Rachel Robinson
Natalie Gee:

I echo Rachel whole heartedly and as a mother recognize the power of support - whether one looks to their community, friends or family. Pride Month signals to me not only celebrating the entire LGBTQ+ community but also the people, our family who have supported our love and relationship since day one.

We're really just like any other family, I feel no different than anyone else - we love, we want to protect, nurture and grow.” - Natalie Gee

Our wish is for everyone to be able to feel an acceptance for whoever they want to be and love. Like all families, we're always learning, growing, and committed to evolving to our best selves - working hard and having fun. Hoping to be able to continue sharing our story and sharing hope for whomever might need it.

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Happy Pride Month!
xx Natalie + Rachel Gee-Robinson


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