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Gee Women 2 months ago

Natalie Gee: A Day In My Life

Come and spend the day with me!

As an entrepreneur who wears many different hats — mom, business partner, content creator, etc, no two days are ever the same and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Each day brings so much exciting newness whether it's meeting new clients, developing new products, or connecting with our audience online.

Today on the Gee Edit, join me for a day in the life!


​​I always begin my morning with my morning prayers of gratitude and thankfulness.


I start my morning movement with a walk on the treadmill, then it's time for Rachel Fitness! I feel so strong and empowered when I do Rachel Fitness. It truly starts your day on the best note.

The commitment is yours, and the accountability is also yours because ultimately it’s you showing up for yourself.” - Natalie Gee

One of my favorite morning rituals is the one I've built around my coffee. It's my time to center before a busy day starts and I love supercharging it with The Tahini Goddess Prebiotic and Holi(Mane).


Rachel and I get the kids up, dressed, fed and ready for the day (Rachel does all lunches for them!) I'm in full mom mode in the mornings getting the kids organized and doing school drop off. I do the mornings and Rachel takes care of pick up in the afternoon.


Once I've dropped the kids off, I head back home and get myself ready for the day. For my meal prep I love to pull pre-made veggies and protein, and any other leftovers from the night before and make a few things to bring to the office. Sometimes I'll film Instagram stories in my car (it has the best lighting) but if I have a full routine I want to share, I'll go live from home. My skincare favorites are always changing but a few staples in my routine are the De la heart Facial dry brush, Joanna Czech Toner + Vitamin C Serum, MBR Starter facial booster and Gee Beauty rose lip mask.

While doing my makeup in the car, I think about the day ahead, what I want to achieve and the energy I'll bring with me. It's truly a gamechanger!” - Natalie Gee
9AM - 12PM

I typically start my day in the office, checking in with the team before making my way to the studio to meet with clients. Connecting with clients is truly one of my favorite things about what I do. I really got into the beauty business to connect with people and it's one of my greatest joys to help people feel their best!


I usually do a working lunch with Celene and we'll touch base both personally and professionally. We'll chat through any ideas we have or upcoming plans. WE DISCUSS EVERYTHING FROM CREATIVE + MARKETING, STATUS REPORTS, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, RETAILER SUPPORT, AND GEE STUDIOS SUPPORT.


The afternoons are all about checking in with our different teams including product development. I'm always on the pulse with product development and what's coming soon. It's such an exciting area to be involved in! So many new things are coming and it's going to be amazing (stay tuned)!

I love connecting closely with our clients because it gives me a feel for what they're looking for in their beauty products. It's always been our mission to take care of them in every possible way on their beauty journey!” - Natalie Gee

I'll head home and usually stop at the grocery store to pick up anything we need for dinner. I love spending the evenings with the kids, hearing about their day, playing and just having so much fun. We'll usually FaceTime Miriam and my sisters depending on who's around to chat.


Time to start winding down! Rachel and I get the kids to bed and then I start my evening skin routine. I always start with Melt Away to really take the day off my skin. Some nights I'll have a bath and usually I'll do a face mask while I soak. The Agent Nateur Holi(Bright) is my go-to. It feels so calming and cooling, perfect for the evenings.

Also most importantly! No two days are the same so you also have to cut yourself some slack. Some days when we do get it, it feels like winning the lottery. But the next day could be a miss and it’s all good! Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start.” - Natalie Gee

Lights out and we start again tomorrow!

xx Natalie


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