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Gee Women 1 months ago

This Is What's Currently Bringing Us Joy

We are always so inspired by a new season but especially the springtime.

The air is fresh and everything feels so exciting.

Today on the Gee Edit, we're sharing what we're looking forward to most this season, what's bringing us joy and what we're feeling inspired by!

Miriam Gee:

If you know me - you know I express myself and my creativity through my style, my makeup and fashion. I love to play with bold colors, textures, mixing patterns and prints - it’s such a fun outlet for me. I’m so inspired by the freshness of the season and I’m reaching for my pinky hues in my makeup bag. Pinkybeam Color Stick on cheeks, lips and eyes, our Soft Shimmer Eyeshadow palettes, Babe lip liner, Dylan Nourishing Gloss is my current beauty look. It feels warm, playful, fun - all the energies I’m bringing into spring and have been showing clients how to wear.

My favorites for makeup:

- pinkybeam applied with our buff + blush brush to the tops of the cheekbones and a touch on the bridge of the nose

- babe lip liner (line + fill in entire lip area)

- hush pink powder blush on top of pinkybeam for lasting effects

- warm glow bronzer to pull the softly-sunkissed look all together

Any skin tone and skin type can incorporate more color into their makeup looks this season. Come see us and we’ll show you how!” - Miriam Gee
Natalie Gee:

I can already feel the pulse of summer coming on and I cannot wait to slow down and just embrace the heat and relaxed vibe. I’m in major planning mode for fun family vacations and activities and I'm also getting myself organized so I feel like whatever we do, I am ready!

Here's what we've planned so far!

- we’ll definitely plan a visit (or two!) to Toronto to spend time with family (the kids have so many cousins they’re close with) and to breathe in that fresh air, walk in the parks, BBQ with family and walk through the different neighborhoods (plus I’ll book in for a facial at our Toronto studio)

- we love to hit the water parks and amusement parks in the summer when there are less tourists, plus we have the beach virtually in our backyard here in Miami

- the kids will do some fun day camps and creative activities

- we love to spend time in our backyard relaxing, kids playing sports, casual dinners, and some sun time!

Celene Gee:

We’ve had some incredibly special family time lately, having just celebrated Passover, as well as an extra special family engagement party for my fiancé and I. My family and I love to plan when we entertain - everything from the food (most importantly!), to the flowers, the music, the decor - for me the whole experience is important and I love to consider every detail, while keeping it feeling light, informal, and enjoyable.

While my mother seamlessly handled our Passover Seder set up and cooking (I contributed my signature roasted brisket and this incredible flourless chocolate cake), I planned our backyard al fresco family engagement celebration by making all the details feel very true to who we are as a couple.

My top entertaining tips:

- keep it feeling relaxed and effortless in the moment (this means planning ahead to get as much prepped as possible so that you’re not feeling the pressure of doing it all once your guests arrive)

- little touches like music, flowers, lighting, and easy food options make all the difference!

- we made it personal to us - my fiancé Luka loves to catch and serve his own fish so we did a delicious crudo platter and a roasted whole fish, and I incorporated my own fun decor and serving pieces that really represent my style

Our Summer Al Fresco Playlist

Steph Gee

I can't tell you how excited I am for spring to be here! Bringing color, denim and ballet flats into my wardrobe is bringing me so much joy this season. I can always count on 6 by Gee Beauty to have just what I'm looking for. I’m also excited to be spending time in my backyard and seeing the garden flourish!

My spring style tips:

- I love to incorporate a few bright shades each spring into my looks

- I’m into soft yellow, baby blue and mint green right now

- my signature looks feel updated when I incorporate one fresh new piece like a pair of silver heels, or bright colored bag, or a cool baseball cap for my dog-park outfits!

Steph's 6 Spring Essentials

Here's to springtime joy!
xx The Gees


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